Welcome to Krun and the golden stairway.

One day the King saved Krun from being slaughtered and made him his new pet pig. After some happy years the old emperor died. Krun was buried alive with his master and thrown back right in front of death's cold face. Although the king was a nice companion, Krun has no intention of dying with him.

Escape the tomb and make your way back into freedom.


Use the WSAD keys to move Krun and SHIFT to jump (yes, pigs can jump).
To pause the game, click somewhere outside the black game frame.


Krun has no sound as it is a "whistle along" game. Pick your favourite adventure tune like the main theme from Indiana Pig and start to whistle.


Krun and the golden stairway is a retro game build with retro technology. There is no Web assembly, Typescript or WebGL. It is done with pure Javascript and the good old Canvas API. Developing this felt like being thrown back one decade...

All graphics were done with Gimp. The map was designed with Tiled. All Javascript was written in the editor of the Midnight Commander (honestly). Debugging was done with Firebug (pre Quantum).

The game was tested on Firefox and Chrome on a desktop PC. Tablets and Phones are not recommended as my work-in-progress touch interface is just horrible. Technically the WiiU Browser works too, but it is... uh... a "bit" too slow to play the game.

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